Peter May Trilogy - Port of Ness Harbour

Port Of Ness, Ness, Isle Of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, HS2 0XA

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Photograph © David Wilson

The boathouse at the harbour in Port of Ness is the scene of the murder in The Blackhouse, that Detective Fin Macleod is sent from Edinburgh to investigate. Fin left "Crobost" as a teenager and returns as a detective to investigate the case. The victim is known to Fin. He is the brother of an old school friend.

"The man is hanging by his neck from the rafters overhead, frayed orange plastic rope tilting his head at an impossible angle. He is a big man, buck naked, blue-white flesh hanging in folds from his breasts and his buttocks, like a loose fitting suit two sizes too big. Loops of something smooth and shiny hang down betwwen his legs from a gaping smile that splits his belly from side to side. The flame sends the dead man's shadow dancing around the scarred and graffitied walls like so many ghosts welcoming a new arrival. Beyond him Uileam sees Ceits face. Pale, dark-eyed, frozen in horror."

Extract from The Lewis Man by Peter May

The photograph shows the Heather Isle coming into the harbour at Ness. The Heather Isle is the boat that takes the guga hunters and supplies out to the uninhabited island that is Sula Sgeir for two weeks of the year. Up to 2000,  "Guga", young gannets are caught and cured on the island and taken back to Ness. A delicacy, this tradition has been ongoing for hundreds of years and features in the book The Blackhouse.

The beach is nearby and great for a stroll. You can pop into Cafe Sonas for a bite to eat, check out Anthony Barbers Landscape Paintings at Harbour View Gallery and browse handcrafted quilts at Callicvol Quilts, all within walking distance of the harbour.

For a more extensive walk, there is a circular walk around the Butt of Lewis and then you can pop into the Eorpoie Tearooms for a warming cuppa or visit the ancient church of St Moluag's.

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