Bird of Prey Trail - Loch Sgioport

Loch Sgioport, Isle Of South Uist, Outer Hebrides, HS8 5SN

Type:Bird of Prey Trail

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Golden Eagle © Laurie Campbell
  • Golden Eagle © Laurie Campbell
  • White-tailed sea eagle © Laurie Campbell
  • Hen Harrier © Laurie Campbell

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From the end of the road a path meanders south along the coast. This indented coastline with its inlets, headlands, islands and skerries is an attractive area for white-tailed eagles. White-tailed eagles are often found perching for long periods on prominent vantage points waiting for an opportunity to scavenge, pirate or hunt. They are also regularly seen flying between hunting grounds on the east and west. To the south, the ridges of the Uists highest peaks attract golden eagles. Peregrines are occasionally seen along the coast.

When to visit?

White-tailed eagles and golden eagles are seen throughout the year with a peak in activity in late winter and early spring.

Other wildlife

During the summer red throated diver are often seen flying overhead on route between fresh water lochans and the sea. The indented coastline is also well used by otters.

How to get there?

Loch Sgioport is a sea loch on the east coast of South Uist. Turn east off the A865 one mile north of Stilligarry, three miles South of Loch Bi and travel four miles to a small car park at the end of the road.

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