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Useful phrases:

Maduinn mhath (matin va) – good morning
Feasgair math (feaskir ma) – good afternoon/evening
Oidhche mhath (oyCH-ye va) – good night
Ciamar a tha thu (kimar a ha oo) – How are you
Tha gu math (ha goo ma) – I am fine.
Fuirich mionaid. (fooriCH minatch) Wait a minute.

Mountains and Hills

Beinn (bayn) – mountain
Sgurr,sgorr (skoor, skor) – sharp peak
Aird (aarjd) – headland, high ridge
Druim (drooim) – ridge
Meall (myowl) – round hill
Croc (kroaCHk or k-noCHk) – hillock
Bidean (beetchyan) – conical, pointy peak

The Ubiquitous H. While not a letter in the Gaelic alphabet, H is the most commonly used as symbol changing pronunciation of the preceding consonant eg mh and bh are pronounced as v. This process, aspiration, is used to signify gender, tense of verbs, case of nouns int al. For example, fear mor (fer more) - big male, te mhor (chay vore) – big female or a large whisky, bris (breesh) – break, bhris (vreesh) – broke.

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