Beach and Machair at Kilpheder

Kilpheder, Isle Of South Uist, Outer Hebrides, HS8 5TB


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The beach at Kilpheder is part of around 20 miles of stunning white shell beach which runs along the west coast of South Uist. The South Uist machair (coastal grassland) runs parrallel to the beach. Both the beach and machair are perfect for walking, with open skies and barely a soul in sight! 

The beach and machair are a haven for wildlife. You can often see otters scurring from the sand dunes, waders at the shore and in the summer months a plethora of colourful wild flowers in bloom on the machair.

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What's Nearby

  1. A well-preserved aisled wheelhouse was excavated in 1952 in the machair at Kilpheder…

    0.28 miles away
  2. Common Seals can be found along the rocky areas inshore at low tide.

    0.45 miles away
  3. Found along the coast amongst rocky pools.

    0.45 miles away
  1. Along the west coast of South Uist is an approx. 20 mile strip of stunning white beaches…

    0.57 miles away
  2. This is a Bronze Age-Iron Age settlement excavated between 1989 and 2002.

    0.72 miles away
  3. St Peters Catholic Church
    1.03 miles away
  4. The Common Twayblade is an orchid which can be found around Loch Thallan.

    1.14 miles away
  5. This rather fat looking, sparrow-like bird is found in the area around the cemetery or to…

    1.16 miles away
  6. This rather slim, sparrow-like bird can be found in the reed bed or in small flocks…

    1.3 miles away
  7. A week long event of Gaelic song, dance and music.

    1.55 miles away
  8. Church of Scotland
    1.62 miles away
  9. Along the west coast of South UIst lies around 20 miles of stunning white beach and…

    1.92 miles away
  10. Along the west coast of South Uist is an approx. 20 mile strip of stunning white beach…

    2.34 miles away
  11. A good area to see this species during the spring and summer.

    2.43 miles away
  12. The machair runs parralell to the beach and a great place to walk.

    2.51 miles away
  13. Designed in 1965 by architect Richard McCarron, this Catholic church has been described…

    2.92 miles away
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