Red Deer - Glen Cravadale

Glen Cravadale, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, HS3 3AX

Type:Birds - Deer

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At twice the size of a sheep the red deer is easily identified by its size. Male red deer (stags) are slightly larger than females (hinds) and bear antlers for most of the year. The Autumn Rutt is the best time to watch deer. This is when the stags are competing with each other to mate with hinds and their roars can be heard echoing around the glens.
Red deer can be difficult to spot against the heathery hillside but frequent scanning with binoculars is the best way to locate them. During harsh winter weather, deer move down to lower ground and can often be seen from the road. North Harris holds a population of over 1000 red deer which can be encountered anywhere in North Harris, on Taransay and on Pabbay. However, deer are absent from South Harris.

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