Eriskay Walk






Walk Waypoints

  1. 1 Follow road towards Am Politician
  2. 2 Continue walking past Am Politician Bar and Restaurant towards the old graveyard.
  3. 3 The old graveyard is to the right where Father Allan's grave stone can be found.
  4. 4 Continue and follow the road towards the beach
  5. 5 At the road end, head down towards Coilleag a'Phrionnsa....the beach where Bonnie Prince Charlie famously landed.
  6. 6 Walk along to the other end of the beach and up the path to the main road.
  7. 7 Head up the footpath to the main road
  8. 8 Turn left on to the main road and head up towards the junction.
  9. 9 Turn right at the junction towards Acairsaid.
  10. 10 Turn right and walk up the hill towards Acairsaid harbour.
  11. 11 At the trees, turn right up the rock face, to the top of the hill to get a great view. Note the Catholic Stations of the Cross on the way up the rock face.
  12. 12 Retrace your steps back down the hill and then turn right at the foot of the hill.
  13. 13 Walk along to the end of the road, over the stile and along the shore.
  14. 14 Continue along the shore and up over a hill fence.
  15. 15 Keep going until you come a hidden lily covered loch.
  16. 16 Nearby you will see a secluded bay where you may spot an otter!
  17. 17 Retrace your steps until you you retun to the junction at the main road.
  18. 18 Here turn up right towards the water station.
  19. 19 Head North to get back on to the Main road. Here you will catch some spectacular panoramic views.
  20. 20 At the main road, turn right and head down the hill, passing The Statue of Our Lady of Fatima.
  21. 21 Start at the community hall

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