Bagh Hartabhagh






Walk Waypoints

  1. 1 Start walk here at North Glendale.
  2. 2 Continue following the path/track
  3. 3 Keep following track
  4. 4 Continue to follow the track
  5. 5 Follow the track
  6. 6 Continue to follow track
  7. 7 Follow track
  8. 8 Extending past the ruins of the old South Glendale School on the left, the path stops abruptly at Broken Bridge, then resumes on the far side of Abhainn Marulaig.
  9. 9 Bagh Hartabhagh - Besides being a place of almost ethereal beauty, the bay is lined with the remains of cottages, some of them quite substantial, formerly belonging to crofters who had been “cleared” there from the machair but could not sustain themselves in so desolate a spot. One does not have to believe in ghosts to feel the presence of their spirits. The journey to Bagh Hartabhagh had taken us about an hour-and-a-half, which is par for the course, as I can attest from prior visits.

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