Sitting towards the southern end of the island chain of the Outer Hebrides, Uist and Barra offer an exciting mix of contrasting island experiences with something on offer for everyone. 

Both Uist and Barra have lively warm communities, and the feeling of space from the wide open skies and being welcomed by friendly islanders will relax, rejuvenate and feed your soul.

We have put together a list of our featured experiences not to miss in Uist and Barra.

1. Mingulay Boat Tours, Barra

Image: West Coast Waters

Mingulay Boat Trips offer exceptional adventures to the uninhabited island of Mingulay and nearby islands, revealing some of the most breathtaking, untouched, and hidden gems of the Outer Hebrides. On a calm day, it is possible to go through an impressive Natural Arch. Keep your eyes peeled for puffins, eagles, dolphins, seals, otters, and even whales!

2. Castlebay Marina, Barra

Image: Castlebay Marina

Set your course for the Outer Hebrides and make Castlebay your perfect sailing pitstop! Rest, refuel, and dive into the charm of Barra and Vatersay, whether you prefer walking, biking, or hopping on a bus to discover what the islands have to offer.

The Marina is more than just a docking spot—it's a community-owned social enterprise run by the Buth Bharriagh shop and visitor information service. Every penny of profit is reinvested to enhance the local experience.

3. Uist Sea Tours, South Uist

Image: Uist Sea Tours

If you're captivated by rugged coastlines, pristine white sandy beaches, and secluded uninhabited islands, along with breathtaking wildlife such as orcas, whales, dolphins, otters, puffins, and eagles, then Uist Sea Tours is your ultimate destination.

They also offer thrilling sea angling trips and the option to rent a boat for tailor-made adventures. Get in touch with Uist Sea Tours today to start planning your unforgettable journey.

4. Long Island Retreats & Larder, South Uist

Image: Long Island Retreats

Long Island Retreats & Larder invites you to embark on outstanding Croft and Island tours. Start your day bonding with ponies, mastering the art of sheep shearing, or uncovering the wonders of the Machair's unique ecosystem.

Seize the opportunity to meet the crofter and immerse yourself in our rich crofting heritage and culture and create memories that will last a lifetime!  

5. Hebridean-ebikes, Benbecula

Image: Hebridean-ebikes

Located in Uachdar, Hebridean-ebikes offers an exciting bike rental experience with both e-bikes and mountain bikes, plus convenient pick-up and drop-off services. Let them help you explore the islands in an eco-friendly way with top-notch bikes and expert tips on destinations and routes.

Start your cycling adventure today and uncover the stunning beauty of the Outer Hebrides!

6. Shoreline Stoneware, North Uist

Image: Shoreline Stoneware

Each Shoreline Stoneware Pottery creation is a unique masterpiece, hand-crafted to capture the textures of natural materials and treasures found along the picturesque Atlantic shores of Uist and Barra. 

Uist is a vibrant hub of creativity and artistic talent, and Shoreline Stoneware Pottery showcases a stunning collection of works by gifted artists who either call the islands home or share a deep connection with thess beautiful islands.

7. Love Gàidhlig, Noth Uist

Image: Love Gàidhlig

Ever dreamt of mastering the Scottish Gaelic language but couldn't figure out where to start?

Love Gaelic offers a unique Gaelic Language Experience online, on the island, and beyond, helping students worldwide excel. Their exceptional teaching techniques empower you to expand your knowledge, hone your communication skills, and boost your confidence in speaking Gaelic.

8. Sollas Bookbinding, North Uist

Image: Sollas Bookbinding

Sollas Bookbinding is a vibrant artisan bookbinding and box-making business, drawing inspiration from the rich materials and colors of the islands. With a passion for traditional techniques, they craft exquisite books and boxes using handcrafted paper, Harris Tweed, and leather.

Eager to learn bookbinding? Get in touch with them! Or if you prefer a self-paced approach, their book kit is perfect for you. You can purchase their wonderful boxes and books online, at the studio or at various gifts shops on island. 


Mingulay Boat Trips
Boat Trips
Mingulay Boat Trips

Mingulay Boat Trips in Castlebay on the Isle of Barra will take you to the uninhabited islands to the south of Barra

Castlebay Marina
Marinas, Harbours & Moorings
Castlebay Marina black yacht

Castlebay Marina, an excellent resting point on your journey through the Hebrides. Situated in the heart of Castlebay, Isle of Barra next to the facilities in the town.

Uist Sea Tours
Boat Trips

We run sightseeing trips along the east and west coast of Uist, along with trips to Mingulay, Monach Isles and St Kilda. Other island destinations available on request.

Long Island Retreats
Trips & Tours
Long Island Retreats

Create memories that will last a lifetime. Step off the beaten track and immerse yourself in island life. Meet the locals, hear tales of yesteryear, learn a little Gaelic, get up close with our animals and sample our island produce.

Bike Shops & Hire

Hebridean E-bike hire lets you explore the Outer Hebrides at your pace. Taking in nature and the wonder of the Hebrides in just the right way.

Shoreline Stoneware
Arts & Crafts
Outside of gallery

Every piece of hand-crafted Shoreline Stoneware Pottery captures texture from natural materials and found objects. The gallery hosts a wide selection of work by local artist with original works across different media.

Love Gàidhlig
Gaelic Language
Love Gàidhlig truck

Learn the Gaelic language with us and enrich your Gaelic conversation skills while visiting the Hebridean island communities. From immersion courses to one-off local lessons, let us give you a sense of belonging to the Gaelic world.

Sollas Bookbinding
Arts & Crafts
Sollas Bookbinding

Creative artisan bookbinding and box making, influenced by the materials and colours of island living