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The start of the Hebridean Cycling Way is at the Hebridean Way structure in the village of Vatersay (across the road from Vatersay Hall). The route follows the main road over the causeway to Barra and round the scenic west coast of Barra to the Ardmhor ferry terminal. Here is where you get the ferry to Eriskay and the ferry journey is 40 minutes. From the ferry terminal the route passes through the picturesque island of Eriskay over the causeway to South Uist. Here the route mostly follows the main road, but at South Boisdale (Leth Meadhanach) the route goes west towards the machair and goes through the villages of North Boisdale, Kilpheder and then rejoins the main road at Daliburgh.

Cycle Waypoints

  1. 1 Starting point at the Hebridean Way Structure opposite Vatersay Hall Cafe Pit Stop. 13.6 miles to the ferry at Ardmhor and 36 miles to Daliburgh.
  2. 2 Follow the road over the Vatersay causeway (this is the first causeway on the route) to Barra.
  3. 3 You have just completed your first island...another 10 to go!
  4. 4 Turn left to follow the route along the west coast. Turn right for Castlebay where there are a couple of Pit Stops - Buth Bharraigh and Cafe Kisimul, hotels, shops, cafes, tourist information and toilet facilities available.
  5. 5 Turn left here for Ardmhor ferry terminal.
  6. 6 Turn right here to Ardmhor ferry terminal. If you have time to spare, keep going straight on and follow the road for a mile or so and you will come to Barra airport where the plane lands on the beach and there is a cafe to enjoy a cuppa!
  7. 7 Ardmhor ferry terminal. Toilet and Shower facilities and coffee stop. 40 minute ferry crossing to Eriskay. Look out for birds of prey, porpoises and dolphins. You have now completed 2 islands, 8 to go!
  8. 8 The ferry terminal building has showers and toilets. Turn left here and follow the road.
  9. 9 Eriskay community shop Pit Stop and post office to the left
  10. 10 The route follows the road round the corner to the right. To the left down the hill is the Am Poilitican bar and restaurant.
  11. 11 Turn left here to the causeway to South Uist.
  12. 12 Eriskay causeway - great for spotting otters and birds of prey.
  13. 13 You have just completed island 3, another 7 to go!
  14. 14 Turn right here
  15. 15 To the right is Kilbride Hostel, Campsite and Cafe Pit Stop
  16. 16 Turn right to follow the route. Inn to the left
  17. 17 Turn left into the village of South Boisdale
  18. 18 Turn left to follow the route.
  19. 19 Turn right to follow the route
  20. 20 Turn left at the junction. The Borrodale Hotel Pit Stop is on the corner, and there is a post office and supermarket in Daliburgh.
  21. 21 The end of this section. Turn right at the junction for the Lochboisdale Hotel Pit Stop which is less than 3 miles.

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