Tarbert to Callanish Hebridean Way Cycling Route


Moderate to Difficult




From Tarbert, the route pushes north over the Clisham, the highest hill in the Outer Hebrides. The route travels through the hilly Lochs area of Lewis, and then at Leurbost follows the road to the west side of Lewis, past the famous Callanish Stones.

Cycle Waypoints

  1. 1 Village of Tarbert with shops, restaurants, cafes and facilities
  2. 2 To the left is Ardhasig Glass and Cafe Pit Stop
  3. 3 Ardhasaig Garage Grocery Shop Pit Stop to the right
  4. 4 Start of a steep climb up the Clisham hill
  5. 5 You have completed 9 islands! You are now entering Lewis.
  6. 6 If you fancy a detour, head off the route to the stunning South Lochs
  7. 7 Kinloch Historical Society Pit Stop to the left
  8. 8 Island Arts Cafe Pit Stop to the right
  9. 9 Take a left turn here. There is a small grocery shop about 100 yards straight on here if you need to stock up on essentials
  10. 10 Westend B&B and Island Darkroom Pit Stops nearby
  11. 11 If you want a detour, you can head to Uig and Bernera for some amazing beaches.
  12. 12 To the left are the Callanish Stones and Visitor Centre Cafe

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