Walk Waypoints

  1. 1 Start from the improved Loch Skipport footpath, near the end of the Skipport road.
  2. 2 Follow path
  3. 3 Follow footpath
  4. 4 Follow the path as it ascends, and then, shortly before it peters out, turn right across flat, often marshy, ground
  5. 5 Keep going until you come to the stream
  6. 6 You will come to a stream that meanders off to the right. It is no easy task to walk along either of that stream’s rugged banks. But if you persist, you will be rewarded when the stream opens out suddenly into Loch Spotal, one of the island’s hidden treasures, across from the dramatic palisades of Ben na h-Aire.
  7. 7 Circle around the right of Loch Spotal – that is, the western – edge of Spotal and pick your way through the heather beyond it. You will see, to Hecla’s left, a vivid green patch on the hillside.
  8. 8 Climb the patch – it is steep but easily traversable – and you will end up just below and to the east of Hecla’s craggy peak.
  9. 9 You will end up just below and to the east of Hecla’s craggy peak.

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