Daliburgh to Clachan






From Daliburgh the route remains on the main road and then at Bornish the route once again turns west towards the machair through the vilage of Stoneybridge and rejoins the main road at Peninerine. The route then follows the main road across the causeway to Benbecula and follows the stunning and very flat west coast of Benbecula, through the main administrative centre of Balivanich and then over the causeway to Grimsay. The route from the causeway at Grimsay follows the main road to Clachan, North Uist.

Cycle Waypoints

  1. 1 At the junction at the Borrodale hotel, turn left.
  2. 2 The birthplace of the famous Flora MacDonald is to the left
  3. 3 Kildonan Museum, cafe and craft shop to the right.
  4. 4 Turn left here to follow the route along the coast
  5. 5 Turn left here
  6. 6 Turn left here to rejoin the main road.
  7. 7 Our Lady of the Isles statue to the right
  8. 8 The route follows the road straight. Salar Smokehouse and Orasay Inn are down the road to the right
  9. 9 Hebridean Jewellery Cafe Pit Stop is down the road to the left. The route is straight on
  10. 10 South Ford causeway. You have just completed island 4, another 6 to go!
  11. 11 Benbecula, Island 5. Supermarket to the left
  12. 12 Isle of Benbecula House Hotel Pit Stop on the right
  13. 13 Turn left here to follow the rout along the west coast of Benbecula
  14. 14 Dark Island Hotel Pit Stop, Museum nan Eilean, Liniclate Swiming Pool and Showers and Liniclate beach to left
  15. 15 Culla bay beach to the left
  16. 16 Lovats Supermarket and Uist and Barra Hospital nearby
  17. 17 Stepping Stones restaurant, Airport and MacGillivrays Shop Pit Stop nearby
  18. 18 Turn right for Charlies Bistro
  19. 19 MacLeans Bakery to the left
  20. 20 Turn left here to join the main road
  21. 21 North Ford causeway to Grimsay, island 6. You have just completed island 5, 5 to go!
  22. 22 The main route is straight on, but the road to the right will take you on a loop round Grimsay. Uist Wool is based in Grimsay - a spinning mill and wool centre - which is well worth a stop off. Also a cafe and canteen.
  23. 23 Causeway to North Uist, island 7. You have just completed island 6, 4 to go!
  24. 24 Moorcroft Campsite to the left
  25. 25 Temple View Hotel nearby on the right
  26. 26 End of Section B at Clachan, North Uist. Shoreline Stoneware Pit Stop, nearby. Worth heading to Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Art Centre in Lochmaddy.

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