The Outer Hebrides have been the location of a number of films over the years. Our epic and diverse landscape, changeable stunning light, dramatic weather and unique Gaelic culture combine to provide the perfect backdrop for the camera.

We have three recent productions Iorram (Boat Song), Limbo and The Road Dance. Iorram and Limbo have both have been released, whilst The Road Dance is still in post-production.

Glasgow Film Festival is showing Iorram and Limbo over the next few days, so you have an opportunity to watch them - online.

Iorram (Boat Song) - 28 Feb to 3 March


Iorram is a haunting evocation of life among the fishing community of the Outer Hebrides. Director Alastair Cole has created a lyrical fusion of sound and vision, using a treasure trove of newly restored oral history recordings. Poetic images of the present are set to the everyday conversations, tales and cherished legends preserved from past generations. A score by award-winning folk musician Aidan O’Rourke unites the elements into a moving reflection on island identity then and now.

Limbo - 3 to 6 March


Filmed in Uist, Limbo is Ben Sharrock’s deadpan comedy-drama and brings a completely fresh perspective to the life of a migrant. Musician Omar has fled conflict in Syria and now finds himself at a desolate refugee centre on a remote Scottish island. Separated from home and family, he waits in limbo for others to decide his future. A beautiful, achingly poignant tale that will break your heart on the way to warming your soul.

Road Dance - Release tbc

The Road Dance is based on a 2002 novel written by STV news presenter John MacKay and has been adapted by writer and director Richie Adams. The film centres on a young girl in the years just before the First World War. Her life changes dramatically when a terrible tragedy strikes.

Filmed on the west coast of Lewis last summer, it is currently in post-production and we are awaiting a release date.