Cycling is one of the best ways to experience the Outer Hebrides!  

But please take care on the roads. It can be VERY windy at times, so please cycle to the conditions.

The roads are mainly quiet, but there are some spots where the route can be busy with fast flowing traffic. There are also long distances where you will be travelling on single track roads.


  • We recommend you wear a cycling helmet and hi-viz clothing
  • Please keep to the left 
  • If you require to leave your bicycle, leave it off road and not in the way of other road users
  • As on any road, keep the size of the group manageable – split into a number of smaller groups if necessary. On single track, 3 or 4 should be the maximum – any more will not fit into a passing place!
  • Be aware of animals - sheep wandering along the road verges (and roads!). Take extra care as they may, at the last minute, decide to cross the road. Also look out for deer along the road verges as they can jump on to the road suddenly


  • Be aware of other road users and please pull in to passing places on single track roads to let traffic pass
  • Single track roads are not wide enough for a bike and car to pass in safety.  You will need to let the car pass at the nearest passing place. Many roads are one and a half track which means there is just enough room for a car to pass a bike - please be aware of this, especially if it's windy - you won't hear the car overtaking you until it passes you
  • On occasions you may come across a doctor/nurse or volunteer firefighters/coastguard on their way to an emergency in an unmarked car. They may flash their headlights to pass traffic – please pull in and let them pass - honestly they are not being impatient!
  • Always leave passing places clear to allow traffic to keep flowing


  • It can be VERY windy at times so we recommend you do not wear ear plugs as you will need all your senses to be sharp so that you hear cars coming up behind you.
  • We also advise using handlebar mirrors to see behind you. You may not hear the traffic behind you, because of the wind and also as there are also lots of quiet EV's on the road now 
  • We have had reports of folk being blown off their bikes at the Clisham in Harris - please take extra care when it is windy! 
  • Travel as light as possible, panniers can catch the wind


  • Be aware of ticks. Infected ticks can cause Lymes disease so it is important that you check for ticks following a trip outdoors.  Ticks are often found in the heather or long grass. 
  • Wear inspect repellent and check yourself for ticks each day. Further advice can be found here

Làithean-saora, sàbhailte, sona dhuibh uile - Have a safe and happy holiday everyone