The Hebridean Way walking route is epic! Not only will you meet the most friendly folk along the route, but each island will take your breathe away! Here are some tips to make this awesome trip the very best it can be!


Book accommodation in advance. It can get very busy once the season starts.

Get yourself the handy pocket sized Hebridean Way Walking Route Map and the Official Hebridean Way Walking Guide. Both have LOTS of useful information.

There is a bus to Vatersay which will take you to the start but you MUST book it by 5pm the day before you  travel. Call 07506 072309 to book.VATERSAY BUS TIMETABLE.

Plan your journey carefully and note that not all sections of the route are well served with facilities, shops and cafes.

Outdoor Safety 

Check the weather forecast before you set out.

Take appropriate clothing – this walk covers some rough, wet ground, so wear your boots.  Walking shoes are not suitable for this walk. Good quality waterproof jackets and trousers are essential!

Take extra care if the weather is bad. On very wet or windy days consider walking along the road or using public transport rather than heading out onto the wild moorland parts of the route. Keep to the waymarked route at all times as some stretches are boggy.

Carry water and food with you – shops and cafés are few and far between in certain areas.

Always tell someone - such as your accommodation provider  - what time you expect to arrive or return.

Always bring a map and compass with you – and know how to use them. A guidebook and GPS are a recommended essential too.

Take bus timetables and phone numbers for local taxis in case you have problems on the walk.

Infected ticks can cause Lymes disease so it is important that you check for ticks following a trip outdoors.  Ticks are often found in the heather or long grass. Dress appropriately to avoid them hitching a lift! Cover your arms and wear long trousers, make sure your trousers are tucked into your socks, wear inspect repellent, check yourself for ticks after a days walking or camping. Further advice can be found here

Similarly, midges are prevalent at certain times of year.  Wear repellent and they will be less likely to bother you!

Beware - animals may wander on to the route from time to time, particularly cows and sheep which will graze in common grazings on the machair. If they are looking aggressive, stay calm and take another route to pass them.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Scotland has some of the best access laws in the world - you have the right to walk on most land, provided you behave responsibly and respect the rights of others. Full information on access rights and responsibilities can be found here.

If you keep to the following guidelines you won’t go far wrong: 

  • Do not disturb livestock or wildlife
  • Keep dogs under close control, especially at lambing time
  • Leave gates as you found them
  • Take all your litter home and leave no trace

Useful Numbers

Emergency: 999

Non-emergency: 101

Caledonian MacBrayne Ferries: 0800 066 5000