Voyaging Monks

The Monach Isles, Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides

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Built of wickerwood frames clad in animal hides, the larger versions were ocean going and could carry up to thirty crew and, almost certainly ranged as far as the Faroes and Iceland. Traditional history such as the Brendan Voyage suggests that they may even have reached North America 400 years before Lief Erikson.

Sgoth Niseach

In modern times, inshore line fishermen used a traditional, locally built boat – the sgoth niseach. The sgoth is a traditional clinker built skiff built mainly in Ness.
Unusually, the yard is longer than the mast allowing the rig to fit within the boat when working the lines. With the decline in line fishing, the last working sgoth - the Jubilee - was launched in 1935. She was restored in 1978 and is now operated by the community boat trust 'Falmadair'. Based in Stornoway she can regularly be seen sailing in the bay.

In 1994, a full size replica sgoth – an Sulaire - was built in Stornoway by John Murdo Macleod, the son of the builder of the Jubilee.

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