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Location N - Loch Skipport: Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail

Loch Skipport
Isle of South Uist
Outer Hebrides

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Location N - Loch Skipport: Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail


Neil MacEachain's Narrative of the Wanderings of Prince Charles in the Hebrides:

"Neil posted off immediately, and arrived at, the prince at the hour he had appointed, and found him under the same rock where he had left him; he no sooner saw Neil come in sight than he ran to meet him, and took him by the hand asking what news he had from Miss Flora; Neil told him what orders he had from the lady (as he called Miss Flora), after which they set out for Rossinish. The greatest difficulty for this journey was to find a boat to go by sea, as it was impossible to venture by land, because, as I have already told, all the fords were guarded by the MacLeods; but God, who always provided whatever he had occasion for, removed this difficulty also, for when they arrived at the side of Lochskipport, there they found four country people who had come there some days before to fish, with a small yawl.

Neil knew them immediately, and agreed with them for to ferry him and two other gentlemen that were with him over to Fouay, where they expected to meet with Ranald MacDonald (called Walpole); but when they landed upon the island they found no living soul of either man or beast upon it; being, at this time, clear daylight, they could not bring the boat no further, for fear to be seen from the land, wherefore they ordered the boat men to land them on the nearest rock ofBenbecula, that from thence they might go afoot to Rossinish, which done, Neil paid the boatmen and sent them away home."


The Bonnie Prince Charlie Boat Trip starts in April and runs every fortnight until end of September. The boat trips from Kallin Harbour visit some of the places associated with the Prince, many of which are accessible by sea on the beautiful east coast of South Uist and Benbecula. Click here for details.  


For more interviews, songs, stories and information about Bonnie Prince Charlie click here.

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Opening Times

Open All Year

* 23rd June 1745. A chance meeting with some fishermen at Loch Skipport solves the problem of smuggling the Prince across the guarded South Ford.

What's Nearby

  1. Red Throated Diver-Loch Skipport

    Red Throated Diver-Loch Skipport

    Occasionally seen at close range from the old pier at the end of the road.

    0.19 miles away
  2. Golden Eagle © Laurie Campbell

    Bird of Prey Trail - Loch Sgioport

    Located in the northern end of South Uist, Loch Sgioport is a great placee to spot white-tailed...

    0.22 miles away
  3. Location G - Acarsaid Fhalaich: Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail

    Location G - Acarsaid Fhalaich: Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail

    13th June 1746. After a detatchment of MacLeod militia from Skye land on the island Neil and the...

    1.63 miles away
  4. Copyright- Laurie Campbell and North Harris Trust

    Golden Eagle-Loch Druidibeg

    Frequently seen above the surrounding hills.

    2.57 miles away
  1. © Laurie Campbell

    Black Throated Diver-Loch Druidibeg

    This stunning diver species breeds on large moorland lochs in the summer and winter in coastal...

    2.57 miles away
  2. © Laurie Campbell

    Hen Harrier - Committee Road

    Males are ghostly grey whilst the females and youngsters are brown with a conspicious white 'ring'...

    2.57 miles away
  3. © Laurie Campbell

    Hen Harrier - Loch Druidibeg

    Males are ghostly grey whilst the females and youngsters are brown with a conspicious white 'ring'...

    2.57 miles away
  4. © James Smith

    Bird of Prey Trail - Loch Druidibeg

    This location is on the shore of a large fresh water loch surrounded by moorland with views south...

    2.58 miles away
  5. Red Grouse-Ben Tarbet

    Red Grouse-Ben Tarbet

    This rusty brown, pigeon-sized game bird can be found on the moorland north of Loch Druidibeg.

    3.13 miles away
  6. Loch Druidibeag Nature Reserve by Colin Smith

    Loch Druidibeg

    There is a self-guided walk which will take approximately 3 hours.

    3.35 miles away
  7. Loch Druidibeg

    Loch Druidibeg

    Loch Druidibeag is a National Nature Reserve where colourful grassland on the coast graduually...

    3.74 miles away
  8. Ben Mor from Howmore © Mike Shailes

    Location L - Ben Mhor: Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail

    22nd June 1746. Neil leads the Prince northwards where they shelter somewhere on Ben Mhor. Later...

    3.77 miles away
  9. Our Lady of the Isles

    Our Lady of the Isles

    Our Lady of the Isles is a statue of the Madonna and Child by sculptor Hew Lorimer. Erected in 1957...

    3.78 miles away
  10. Scottish Natural Heritage

    Scottish Natural Heritage


    3.86 miles away
  11. Location E - Corrodale: Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail

    Location E - Corrodale: Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail

    14th May 1746. Neil MacEachen guides the Prince to Glen Corrodale which was to be his main place of...

    4.1 miles away
  12. Caistel Bheagram

    Caistel Bheagram

    Caisteal Bheagram is a ruin of a 15th/16th Century tower,

    4.41 miles away
  13. Reed Bunting-Loch Stilligarry

    Reed Bunting-Loch Stilligarry

    This sparrow-like bird superficially resembles corn bunting although is much slimmer and the males...

    4.5 miles away
  14. Otter-Peters Port

    Otter-Peters Port

    Look from the pier; otters are often found feeding in the bay.

    4.57 miles away
  15. Short Eared Owl-Loch Bee

    Short Eared Owl-Loch Bee

    The rough grassland just south of the Loch Carnan tunring is a good area for owls.

    4.66 miles away
  16. Howmore (Tobha Mhor) Ancient Chapels

    Howmore (Tobha Mhor) Ancient Chapels

    Tobha Mòr has been an important ecclesiastical centre since early medieval times.

    4.72 miles away
  17. Otter-Loch Bee

    Otter-Loch Bee

    Can be found anywhere in the loch.

    4.74 miles away
  18. Red Grouse-Snishival

    Red Grouse-Snishival

    This rusty brown, pigeon-sized game bird occurs on the moorland either side of the main road.

    4.85 miles away
  19. Location T - Howbeg: Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail

    Location T - Howbeg: Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail

    Birthplace of Neil MacEachen protector of Bonnie Prince Charles and father of Alexandre MacDonald,...

    4.86 miles away
  20. Stilligarry Beach and Machair

    Stilligarry Beach and Machair

    Along the west coast of South Uist is an approx. 20 mile strip of stunning white beach and machair....

    4.9 miles away
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